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  • Which of the following nouns represents the correct plural form of the world syllabus? a. syllabus, b. syllaba, c. syllabi, d. syllabus
  • Which of the following words or phrases are appropriately formal to serve as the close of a business email? (Select all that apply;) Sincerely, Later, Best, Love, Thanks for your consideration.
  • Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct? a. The handle was lose and could have fallen off at any moment. b. The handle was loose and could have fallen off at any moment. c. The handle was loose and could of fallen off at any moment. d. The handle was lose and could of fallen off at any moment.
  • Which of the following sentences is an example of a third-person narrative voice? a. He was scared when he got on the plane b. You have always been very meaningful to me. c. We love sightseeing in our national parks d. I went to the store for some basic items
  • I had to wrack my brain and plum the depths of my resources to overcome the foul consequences of my previous vice. Which of the following homophones should be used to correct the sentence above? a Rack b. Fowl c. Vise d. Plumb
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  • In which of the following situations is a citation needed? A student quotes song lyrics to support his point. A writer states a well-known and accepted fact. A professor teaches a concept from a book she wrote. A speaker recites an original poem.
  • Which of the following sentences is likely to be found in a descriptive passage about a county fair? There were more than 25 entries in the livestock competition. On Friday evening, join us for the parade through downtown, ending at the fairgrounds. I think the county fair should encourage more people to enter its baking and gardening competitions. The Ferris wheel rose high above the midway, illuminating the night sky.
  • Which of the following is the meaning of the word “indiscriminate”? Distinct, Miscellaneous, Noisy, Selective.
  • According to the prefix “mal-,” which of the following phrases best defines “malformed”? Formed under, Formed within, Badly formed, Partially formed
  • Which of the following statements about a thesis statement is correct? It is a fact. It is the central idea in a piece of writing. It has been proven by the scientific community. It is the second idea in a piece of writing.
  • The masked villain silently laughed while watching the hero struggle to escape. Which of the following parts of speech is the word “silently” in the previous sentence? Preposition Verb Adverb Adjective
  • Which of the following sentences regarding thesis statements in the writing process is correct? The written work should disprove the thesis statement. The thesis statement wording should be as specific as possible. Supporting evidence is not needed when the thesis statement is an opinion. The thesis statement should appear only at the end of a paper.
  • Which of the following sentences contains formal language for use in an academic paper? Many behavior modification studies use a single-subject research design. The participants in the study included guys aged 25 to 35 years living in Kansas. I think that past lit reviews support my hypothesis. The data analysis results don’t support the rejection of the null hypothesis.
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