How to Stay Focused on Your Studies These Uncertain Times

Stay Focused on Your Studies

Are you finding it hard to remain focused on your studies? From the COVID 19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, to the hard economic challenges, you might find it hard to excel in your studies at this unprecedented time. Don’t panic, Online Help Exam is here to help. Read on to discover effective tips to ace your studies during this unprecedented time.

Have a Clear Plan

One way of overcoming all the challenges life throws at you is by making a clear plan. To make a clear plan, you have to know the exact dates of your exams and when essays are due. From there, you can make an effective plan that will help you stay focused regardless of what you are going through in life. It is highly advisable to set realistic goals for each weak. For instance, you can dedicate the coming week to reading and researching and the next two weeks to research or to revise. You can mark down important dates on your diary or a wall calendar. Better yet, install a calendar app on your phone to keep your feet on the ground.

Avoid Distractions

Studies can be overwhelming, especially in these difficult times. The last thing you want is to get distracted by phone calls, TV, friends, and mobile devices. Studies reveal that most students are distracted by social media and texting. Although it might seem hard to remain focused with all that has been happening, all it takes is to have a practical to-do list. It also helps to find a quiet and comfortable study environment to enhance your attention span. You can also use music and headphones for efficient studying. Remember to turn off alerts and set clear goals before each study session.

Don’t Overburden Yourself

You are likely to bury yourself in books to keep yourself distracted from all that has happened. However, overburdening yourself can lower your productivity. So, don’t shy away from regular breaks. We recommend a 15 minutes break for every 45 minutes of efficient studying. Make sure to get out of your desk whenever you take a break. Use that time to get some fresh air, do some stretches, iron some clothes, or do anything else that will help you relax.

Watch Your Diet

It is normal to overlook your diet at this unprecedented time. Whether you are too stressed to watch your diet or spend too much time studying, take some time to think about your well-being. Start by making sure that you stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet. You can even download an app to help you manage your diet.

Embrace a Positive Outlook

Although it sounds next to impossible, embracing a positive outlook on life can make a difference in this difficult moment. With a positive attitude, your mind will feed odd your positive attitude and allow you to see the world from a different perspective. Staying positive will certainly help you stay focused on your studies regardless of the challenges you might be facing. Better yet, try meditation or yoga to improve your outlook on life.

Don’t Forget Your Physical Health

It is almost impossible to be physically active these days. This is especially true for students who have to work and study. However, being physically fit will certainly make a huge difference in your life. It will not only strengthen your physical, but it will also keep your brain active. So, exercise indoors, go for a walk or a run every day to remain physically fit.

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